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Reviews from Younger Clients (under 25's):

Jodie (anxiety and self-esteem): "Hanna has been really supportive and has helped me to feel valued and respected."

Ed (anger, relationships and grief): "I've now got enough off my chest so that I can restart."

Client Reviews

Reviews from Adult Clients

Alisia (procrastination and confidence): 'It was really great to get the help I needed and work on my main goal (which I achieved) and to organise my mind to work in a productive way. Hanna is definitely extremely skilful in her work!'

Lauren (relationships and self-esteem): 'Hanna was excellent; she created a safe space for me to explore my own views and feelings, whilst maintaining a non-judgemental and supportive approach. All the exercises and information provided during the sessions will last a lifetime! I highly recommend her.'

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